Joshua Royte

Joshua Royte is The Nature Conservancy’s representative on the World Fish Migration Platform Steering Committee and currently serves as its Chair. 

Recruited by Herman in 2013, Josh has worked to expand the international nature of World Fish Migration Day, helping to develop partnerships and raising funds through his own organization and other sources for web operations and staffing.

“It’s so important to celebrate and restore our planet’s amazing fish migrations,” says Josh. “And while this one day of events is incredibly meaningful and important, it has spurred the development of a broader mission to connect people around the world in order to share experiences and expertise throughout the year.”

While Josh’s background is in landscape ecology, his first summer job in undergraduate school was river restoration to help steelhead in northern California. Today, his work for The Nature Conservancy focuses on forest and river protection and restoration throughout the state of Maine (USA), carefully planning actions and measuring outcomes for fish, their ecosystems, and the human communities that depend on them.

Joshua Royte

Partner & Steering committee chair