Paul Okware

My name is Paul Okware from Uganda. I have been assigned the role of recruiting more participants from Africa. I first came to know about World Fish Migration Day in 2016 when a presentation on Fish Migration River Project while I was in the Netherlands was done. I became interested and since then I am preaching the gospel of conservation of our environment.


You are all aware that Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated – (IUU) fishing is a global problem affecting both developed and developing countries, taking place in the high seas as well as in national waters. The illegal activities form a complex web – from illegal fishing activities, to illegal trade, and finally to consumers demanding species from unsustainably fished stocks with the driving force behind it commonly being the high profits to be made from not following the regulations of legal fishing.

Overfishing and illegal Fishing are both wreaking havoc on the marine environment and are making the industry economically unsustainable, for those who depend on fishing for a living.

As a fisheries expert in Monitoring Control and Surveillance, the World Fish Migration Day is the best avenue to create public awareness with the main objective to control IUU fishing and maintain a healthy environment for better fish stocks. I am looking forward to recruiting many participants and also take part in the forthcoming World Fish Migration Day 2018.

Paul Okware