Meliha Gamze Ekren

My name is Meliha Gamze Ekren. I’ve been volunteering for World Fish Migration Foundation to get participants from Turkey and partly Europe. I was introduced to World Fish Migration Day at the Workshop on Fish Passages and Migration that was organized by Istanbul University Fisheries Faculty. I became interested in fish passage subject while I was doing my master thesis research.

The main problem in migratory fish today is the management itself. Whether it is man-made or natural fish passage, it is important to know that monitoring and maintenance of the facilities are two crucial factors in fish passage systems management. Additionally, most of the old dams, barriers, sluiceways, etc. do not have any fish passage facilities for fish migration due to lack of management.

With this in mind, I believe, World Fish Migration Day 2018 is a wonderful celebration to memorize those challenges and act on what has been missing so far. And, I will try to do my best within the volunteer recruitment team.   

Meliha Gamze Ekren