Jakiul Islam

I am Md Jakiul Islam from Bangladesh working at a research university. I finished both of my BSc and MSc in Fisheries and Environmental Sciences. I got acquainted with World Fish Migration Day (WFMD) in 2016 during a short course programme at Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands. Since then, I got interested to work with. Finally, I have been assigned as a volunteer to recruit participants for WFMD specifically from Asia. Here are my values on fish migration: 

Fish migration is necessary for the success and prosperity of aquatic life. Before man-made dams, fish migrated only as far as natural barriers allowed. Fresh water fish migrate between their feeding and spawning regions. If fish are unable to reach the spawning area due to natural or man-made obstacles the species cannot carry on. A decrease in any given fish population affects the entire aquatic ecosystem in one way or another, which, in turn, effects the residents of that locale.

As I have been working at university, I have the opportunity to spread the message about the importance of fish migration to the future fisheries graduates. I hope, I can contribute (at least a little) to the science and nature required for migratory fish.

Jakiul Islam