Wesley Evans

My name is Wesley Evans, from South Africa. I am currently based in Vietnam and am volunteering for World Fish Migration Foundation to get participants from South East Asia and Africa. I was introduced to World Fish Migration Day at the World Fish Migration Day in 2016, where I helped host two events in South Africa. We were fortunate enough to launch the World Fish Migration poster at one of our events. I became interested in fish passage subject while I was doing research for my Master’s thesis.

In-stream barriers, such as dams, are being constructed at an alarming rate with very little regard for the migratory requirements for the fish population in the river. This is primarily due to poor management and a lack of education on the importance of migration. However, World Fish Migration Day is about more than educating the public on the importance of migration to fish. It is also about showing how important migratory fish are to the environment and to the public. They contribute to the balance of the ecosystem by providing a plethora of services as well as having considerable economic and recreational value.

I look forward to celebrating World Fish Migration Day in Asia in 2018 and hope to create public awareness around the topic. 

Wesley Evans