Tania Imaña Loza

I am Tania Imaña Loza, political scientist with experience in environmental education. Environmental education includes multidisciplinary approaches to natural resources, their management and their sustainable perspectives.

I am part of the team of the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN - Bolivia) in charge of WFMD2018 in Latin America in coordination with the WFMF. I am responsible for the recruitment of organizations, institutions and civilians from Latin American countries who want to celebrate WFMD2018.

The migration of fish is an incredible journey. Educating about fish migration is important to keep rivers free and healthy and to recognize human communities that depend on fish and rivers. Fish migration is affected by several human activities: dam construction (for water supply, irrigation, navigation, etc.), wastewater discharges and agricultural runoff, fishing... However, there are alternatives that coincide with the conservation of migratory fish and development, and WFMD is the day for everybody to enjoy and learn about them.


Tania Imaña Loza