Ninostka Burgoa Arnez

My name is Ninostka Burgoa Arnez and I am a biologist. Initially I dedicated myself to mammalogy and now I am focused toward Education for Conservation. I am the owner of a small company called "ARTYKA Arte en Fauna y Flora", through which I have the opportunity to continue doing Education for Conservation for the general public.

On 2017 I became part of the team of the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN- Bolivia), which will be the headquarter venue to celebrate the WFMD2018. I am a volunteer and I am responsible for involving and inviting  public entities, universities, schools and the general public of Bolivia to join in the WFMD2018 event.

The construction of dams, the pollution of rivers, the presence of hydroelectric power plants, among other results of human development, have affected fish populations, especially migratory fish, which present an ecological and economic importance for humans whose lives depend on fishing. My passion and interest for these really important fish species, has driven me to support this global initiative so that I can contribute toward creating much needed public awareness. 

Ninostka Burgoa Arnez