Roxanne Diaz

Roxanne studied marine biology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and attained her Master’s at the University of California Santa Barbara. She has experience in both environmental education and communication as well as environmental management. But what is a marine biologist doing at a foundation about rivers, you ask? Well, Roxanne love fishes. Not just the big scary fishes like sharks, but also delicious fishes like salmon, beautiful fishes like the blueface angel fish, and cool looking fishes like sturgeon. 

And with many of these fishes facing challenges brought on by people, Roxanne has made it her mission to help where she can and as much as she can. She has taught thousands of students and young adults about the importance of fishes and their ecosystem, helped staff an aquaculture facility that reared economically important fishes to sell to the local community and to use for research, created a communication strategy for the Santa Barbara Chapter of Surfrider to begin to enlist restaurants in an ‘Ocean Friendly Restaurant’ program, and researched aquatic invasive species (AIS) management options for the NOAA Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary in an effort to create an AIS management plan. 

Now, she can use her communication and environmental management skills and experiences to help raise more awareness about the challenges these fishes face and support projects that restore and protect rivers for the survival of important migratory fish species. 

Roxanne Diaz

Communications Manager