Adela Baratech Sánchez

I am Adela Baratech Sánchez, and I am studying Environmental Engineering at the Polytechnic University in Madrid. One of my passions is hiking in the mountains and walking through forests, these are amazing ecosystems where we always find a river who supports the life of all different organisms.

More and more, the rivers and all the life they contain are in danger, and so happens with the mobility and connectivity of fish. I want to participate in this project to improve these valuable ecosystems and raise awareness of all these problems, two of the barriers that prevent fish and organisms to complete their life cycle.

I believe that many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world. I want to be one of these people and contribute to make this planet a better place: build ecosystems where human societies can coexist with the rest of organisms in a sustainable and respectful way.

Adela Baratech Sánchez

WFMD events coordinator