We are so excited and fortunate to have World Fish Migration Day ambassadors from around the world! They are helping us spread the word about World Fish Migration Day and getting others to join in on the celebration. We hope that through their voices we can reach those who may not already know about the challenges migratory fish face and more importantly, get more people involved in taking action to protect these incredible species. 

We thank them and all of our supporting and participating organizations for the wonderful work you all do to connect fish, rivers and people. 



Phil Duncan

Gomeroi Nation Traditional Owner

Phil Duncan is from Moree - NSW - Australia and a member of the Gomeroi Nation and his homelands are Terry Hie Hie and Moree. Phil works with Aboriginal people, communities and Government to improve the lives of Aboriginal people through recognition of their rich cultural history and the return of their lands, the improvement of thier living conditions and the education of thier next generations. Phil believes being Australia’s Ambassador for World Fish Migration Day 2020, particularly as an Aboriginal person, is such an honour and recognition of the cultural connection to various species of fish that have significant totemic values and cultural status in the everyday lives of Aboriginal across Australia. Being Australia’s Ambassador affords him the opportunity to be a champion for fish migration and the need to have strategic recovery plans for threatened species and support more fish passage initiatives.

Read more about Phil.



Kim Birnie-Gauvin

Section for Freshwater Fisheries and Ecology, National Institute for Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark, PhD Candidate

Kim is a researcher devoted to understanding and conserving migratory fishes. She is passionate about fish on the move, but even more passionate about ensuring that these fish have a future on our planet. Given the pressing need for action to conserve migratory fishes, she is truly thrilled to be the World Fish Migration Day Ambassador for Denmark.

Read more about Kim.



Reigo Ahven

Estonian Drummer 

Read more about Reigo.



Jasper Pääkkönen


Jasper Pääkkönen is an actor, fly fisherman, environmentalist and an entrepreneur. His most recent work includes the role of Felix in Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman and Halfdan the Black in the hit TV series Vikings. He is also the founder and owner of Löyly, a sauna/spa in Helsinki that Time magazine listed as one of their World’s 100 Greatest Places.

In his free time, he travels the world fly fishing! He is a lover of migratory fish and that is why he is happy to support and be an ambassador for World Fish Migration Day.

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Māris Olte

Biologist, journalist and program manager

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Klaas van der Eerden

TV Presenter and Comedian.

Find out more about Klaas here.



Martin Falklind

Journalist and film maker

Martin is a journalist, presenter and filmmaker from Sweden. When Martin was seven years old, he decided to become an adventurer, searching for fish all over the world. Since then, fish has been his hobby, his work and his life. 

Martins quest is to inspire other people to love fish and to make them understand the importance of our aquatic ecosystems. Through films, books, pictures and articles he has constantly been fighting for migrating fish and their need of free waterways in order to survive. To him World Fish Migration Day is an important part in making people aware of an urgent fish situation.

Find out more about Martin here.



Jeremy Wade

Host of River Monsters & Mighty Rivers TV Series (Animal Planet /Discovery/ITV)

Read more about Jeremy on his website.


Will Millard

Writer and BBC Presenter

Will Millard is a BBC presenter, author and lifelong angler. He is best known for his work living and recording alongside remote fishing and tribal communities in the South Pacific, but he is also a passionate conservationist and believes in the power of local grass-roots movements to dramatically improve freshwater ecosystems. He has loved fish and fishing since he was old enough to hold a rod and gaze at the water, and is fully behind the aims and ambition of the World Fish Migration Foundation.

Read more about Will on his website.



Jonathan Balcombe

Author of the international bestseller 'What a Fish Knows'

Jonathan Balcombe is a biologist with a PhD in animal behavior. His books include Pleasurable Kingdom, Second Nature, and The Exultant Ark. His latest book, What a Fish Knows, became a New York Times best-seller and has been translated into thirteen languages. A popular speaker, Jonathan has lectured on six continents (the penguins eagerly await his arrival in Antarctica), and he teaches a course in animal sentience for the Viridis Graduate Institute. Jonathan is a staunch advocate for animals, and for WFMD's mission to protect fishes and their habitats. Jonathan is currently working on a book about the lives of insects, which will be published by Penguin Press.

Find out more about Jonathan here.


Zeb Hogan

Host of Monster Fish (National Geographic) and fish biologist

Hogan is a research assistant professor in the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno, but you may know him as the star of National Geographic’s Monster Fish television show. The show has taken Hogan to six of seven continents in an effort to raise awareness of the world’s largest freshwater fish and the fragile ecosystems they inhabit. His passions and advocacy work for migratory fishes makes him a great asset to the World Fish Migration Day team of ambassadors.

Read more about Zeb here.


Karen Murchie

Director of Freshwater Research, Shedd Aquarium

Karen Murchie has worked in freshwater systems from the Arctic to the Amazon, and in marine ecosystems in the Bahamas. She joined the Daniel P. Haerther Center for Conservation and Research at Shedd in 2016, and now oversees a staff of research biologists engaged in freshwater biodiversity conservation efforts focused in the Laurentian Great Lakes region. Karen’s work has led her to love fishes with a passion to protect and conserve them. She is a supporter of World Fish Migration Day and hopes to energize more people like herself and other aquariums to join in on the celebration

Read more about Karen Murchie here.


Chris Bowser

Education Coordinator for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Hudson River Research Reserve and Hudson River Estuary Program​

Chris Bowser is the Education Coordinator for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Hudson River Research Reserve and Hudson River Estuary Program, in partnership with the Water Resource Institute of Cornell University. Chris’s current work focusses on environmental education and citizen science in the Hudson River Valley. He was awarded a 2014 Environmental Quality Award by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Bowser loves the World Fish Migration Day mission to connect people, rivers, and science altogether.

Read more about Chris here.


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