Love Flows Documentary

Once upon a time, massive fish migrations were observed every year around the globe. Civilizations and wildlife revolved around these natural wonders and depended on them for survival. For millennia, we have relied on rivers as a source of food, recreation and energy. Unfortunately, many of these natural, free-flowing rivers have deteriorated as generations pass. 'Love Flows' brings to life the challenges that voiceless rivers and fishes face against threats but more importantly, what we are doing to help improve the situation. It captures the growing passion of thousands of people from across the globe that join together to celebrate their love and work for rivers and fishes.

One of the biggest threats to healthy rivers are dams. Dams block the flow of rivers, the passage of fish, and interrupt the health and ecology of our freshwater systems. These barriers have massive effects on the survival of migratory fish but the tide is turning, and we are starting to bring these rivers and fish populations back. Now, citizens around the world are becoming activated to help restore these rivers that are the life sources of our planet.



"This film puts out a message of real hope. Freshwater fish populations have declined alarmingly over the last two centuries, but now we're starting to see that we have it in our power to bring them back."

Jeremy Wade

Host of River Monsters and Mighty Rivers TV series (Animal Planet/Discovery/ITV)



On April 21, 2018, the World Fish Migration Foundation organized its third biennial World Fish Migration Day. On this day, over 3000 organizations around the world joined together in solidarity to celebrate migratory fish and healthy rivers, educate others about them and embark on the journey to save them. World Fish Migration Day sheds light on the importance of free-flowing rivers for local cultures, livelihoods and happiness and how we can all work together to make a better future for our rivers and places around them.

The documentary 'Love Flows' captures the stories of a few of the events from World Fish Migration Day 2018 through the narration of Joshua Royte, a conservation scientist for The Nature Conservancy. It highlights our evolved understanding of the impacts of dams and the people who are working to make positive differences for rivers. This documentary aims to give these fish and the rivers they depend on a voice by showcasing the celebrations, knowledge, and great visions we have for our rivers.

We hope this movie inspires even more people to take part in the next World Fish Migration Day and who knows ... maybe your river can be featured in the next documentary!

Watch the film on May 16th, 2019 on our youtube channel .

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"This film is a telegram that reminds us of the obvious but discarded fact; beauty as a value, the health of the earth is the base of everything we hope we will do in this lifetime."

Kris Tompkins

Co-founder and President of Tompkins Conservation

Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year 2017 Nominee



Duration: 35 minutes

Language: English 

Subtitles: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Chinese, Khmer, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian

Directed by: Francisco Campos-Lopez

Produced by: Magen Entertainment

Supporting Organizations:  World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, American Rivers, World Fish Migration Foundation

Special thanks to everyone who provided additional footage!




November 19, 2018: Sneak Preview, Dutch Embassy, ​​Washington DC
December 2-4, 2018: Masheer Conference, Bhutan 
March 12-13, 2019: Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Forum, Canada
March 19, 2019: DC Environmental Film Festival in honor of World Water Day  in Washington DC 
March 28-29, 2019: Atlantic Salmon Habitat Restoration Workshop, Canada
April 17, 2019: INFISH network Global meeting
April 23, 2019: Movie Night Groninger Forum, Netherlands 
May 5, 2019: BOKU Institute, Austria
May 16, 2019: Global public launch
May 18, 2019: Wild Trout Trust annunal get together, England 
May 23, 2019: Dam Removal Europe Seminar, Estonia
May 31- June 5, 2019: CinemAmbiente, Italy
June 1, 2019: Salmon Run, Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada
June 19, 2019: WWF-US Headquarter, USA
July 1, 2019: IUCN Meeting Rotterdam, The Netherlands
July 1-3, 2019: Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientists (SASAqS), South Africa
July 8-10, 2019: Zoological Society of Southern Africa (ZSSA), South Africa
September 10, 2019: ISRS2019 conference at the BOKU Institute, Austria
September 18, 2019: Films on canal festival (James River Association), USA
October 1, 2019: American Fisheries Society conference, USA
October 4-6, 2019: Bergama Envorinmental Film Festival, Turkey
October 17, 2019: Cultivate forum on local food systems and sustainability, El Paso Community Foundation, USA
December 2, 2019: Australian Freshwater Sciences Society and New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society (NZFSS) Joint Conference, Waurn Ponds, Victoria 
January 25-26, 2020: Flussfilmfest, Dusseldorf, Germany
April 12-16 , 2020: AFS Western Division Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada
May 27, 2020: Portland Public Library, Portland, Maine, USA

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