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Tracking Lambro River Barriers

Tracking Lambro River Barriers

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The Lambro River located in Lombardy, North of Italy, is still one of the most polluted rivers within Europe. Flowing in a highly anthropized environment and trough one of the most populated areas of the Lombardy region, the river was interested by many projects and efforts aimed to improve its Chemical and Ecological status. Whilst the situation remains sub-optimal and the ecological classification is confirmed as “poor quality”, many improvements took place compared to the past decades. Despite the pollution and the substantial anthropization of its basin, the Lambro River is still home of some important Italian fish species like perch, carps, chubs and some rare autochthone pikes. One of the main threats is the presence of invasive species like the welsh catfish and foremost the continuous fragmentation of the river continuity  due to human barriers. The Friends and Associates of Spinning Club Italia are going to the central-northern part of the Lambro River basin (down from Lake Pusiano to the north of Inverigo) tracking human made barriers by using AMBER Barrier Tracker application.

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Country - Italy

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2022-05-15 @ 08:00 (GMT+0000) to
2022-05-15 @ 18:00 (GMT+0000)

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