Salmonids to Skipton

The River Aire has been shackled and harnessed for industry in the past but many of the weirs associated with former mills are now redundant. To highlight the work that both the Wild Trout Trust and the Aire Rivers Trust are doing to improve connectivity within the River Aire catchment, two WTT Conservation Officers (Jonny Grey & Tim Jacklin) will be kayaking Gargrave to Leeds. This ~50km section contains four of the largest remaining weirs which will be tackled to improve fish passage with Heritage Lottery funding of the DNAire (Developing the Natural Aire) project.
The journey will be recorded with time-lapse from the prow of the boat to give as close to a fish-eye perspective as possible; as well as with drone footage if weather allows. Records will be made of habitat quality and any detrimental issues will be noted at the same time for future funding applications for river improvement. The various angling clubs with rights between Leeds and Gargrave will be supporting the event from the banks and at strategic bridge crossings.


Mill Lane
N Yorks
Great Britain
Apr 21 2018, 8.00 - Apr 22 2018, 20.00
Wild Trout Trust
Aire Rivers Trust