Bass Sydney Bents Basin Bush Regeneration Day

Bass Sydney Fishing Club will be working with National Parks staff on riparian bush regeneration, the club will use the event to educate people on the importance of fish migration and natural riverside vegetation for the preservation of Australian Bass. Bents Basin sits at roughly halfway of the 300km Hawesbury-Nepean River. The Basin is a natural barrier to the catadromous Australian Bass but they can freely traverse it when river levels are high. Elsewhere the 11 weirs on the Nepean section of the river have working fishways, the Bass Sydney club has been involved in statistics gathering for the last 30 years, natural recruitment in most sections of the river has pointed at the success of the fishways.


Bents Basin State Conservation Area
525 Wolstenholme Ave
New South Wales
2745 Greendale
Apr 21 2018, 8.00 - 12.00
Bass Sydney Fishing Club Inc