World Fish Migration Day in Sofia!

The Faculty of Biology of Sofia University and WWF Bulgaria will organize a day of lectures, presentations and quizzes to celebrate the World Fish Migration Day.
Lecturers from the Department of General and Applied Hydrobiology, WWF and the National Museum of Natural History (BAS) will acquaint the visitors with the most endangered migratory fish in Bulgaria – Danube sturgeons; fragmentation of the river bio-corridors and what can be done to help the fish to migrate.
Visitors will be able to see an exhibition with sturgeon info-boards, inflatable beluga in real size and a living young sterlet.
A quiz in the form of a game will be organized and everyone will have a chance to win prizes.
Anyone who wants to attend the event will be welcome.
The event will be held at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Sofia on April 17th.


8 Dragan Tsankov

1164 Sofia
Apr 17 2018, 17.00 - 20.00
Faculty of Biology of the University of Sofia & WWF Bulgaria