Mooi River - healthy river for a healthy community.

The Mooi River runs through the heart of Potchefstroom and is, as such, an integral part of Potchefstroom. However, not many people are aware of the condition of the river and especially its fish community. World Fish Migration Day presents us, at the North West University, with an exciting opportunity to showcase the river and its inhabitants, especially the fish, to the community of Potchefstroom. The event will showcase every component of the river and introduce the different biotic organisms to the public. The activities will focus on the importance of a healthy river to support fish migration and that healthy and fit fish equal a healthy aquatic ecosystem. The public will get a hands-on practical experience when they interact with the diatoms, invertebrates, fish and frogs found in the Mooi River. Information will be available to the public highlighting the current status of the river and how Potchefstroom is affecting the Mooi River. Post-graduate students and staff members will be available throughout the day to interact with the public and answer questions. This method will hopefully educate the community on the Mooi River and the organisms which are living in such close proximity to them, as well as how their activities can affect these smaller and often forgotten creatures.


Corner of Nelson Mandela Drive
North West
2520 Potchefstroom
South Africa
May 16 2020, 8.00 - 14.00
North-West University - Unit for Environmental Science and Management