Royal Månas freshwater fish migrations

Awareness on fresh water fish conservation and dissemination of successful radio tagging of fresh water fish to local communities to understand the fish migrations .

On the day, the celebrations will be carried out in communities in community hall upon consultation with local leaders , selected school within the park areas will be given preferences to celebrate the WFMD , students and teachers will be educated on fresh water fish conservation, screened documentary movie on Successful Telemetry studies for understanding the fish migration patterns. All the participants will be served refreshments, Lunch as incentives for helping in making the celebration into successful stories.
English as second official language - it would be used but people who don’t understand it will be explained in official language as well .


Tingtibi, Trong
Pantang , Phangkhar, Zhemgang
24008 Zhemgang
May 12 2020, 9.00 - May 18 2020, 9.00
Event fee
Royal Manas National Park
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