Restoring Migratory Fish in Lake Champlain

Most major tributaries to Lake Champlain have been blocked by hydroelectric facilities and other dams preventing migratory fish from accessing habitat important for spawning and habitat refuge. Learn about ways we are restoring native fish populations to areas that have not been accessible migratory fish for decades!

Watch the WCAX segment linked below, and head down to the Winooski One dam in downtown Winooski and try out our mission on Agents of Discovery, an app that guides you through exploring and learning about how fish are affected by hydroelectric dams. Once on Agents of Discovery, search for our mission called “World Fish Migration Day – VT”. You can complete this mission through the end of November!

Visit: to access the app.

More on this story can be seen in this short local news video:



United States of America
Oct 24 2020, 8.00 - 18.00
Vermont Fish and Wildlife
Friends of the Winooski River
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
The Nature Conservancy
Vermont Natural Resource Council
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation