Fish Migration Award

In 2018, we hosted a Happy Fish Challenge—a contest for children to paint, draw, or color the Happy Fish symbol and send in a photo or video of their artwork. On World Fish Migration Day 2018, we announced the winners out of the hundreds of submissions we received! Because of the enthusiasm for this contest, we partnered with Wildlife Forever to introduce an international award category called Fish Migration Award as a part of their 2020 State-Fish Art Contest.  


The State-Fish Art contest is an annual nationwide (USA) contest aimed at educating kids, teachers and parents on aquatic resources, conservation and each state’s State-Fish. Every year, they receive hundreds of beautiful art pieces created by children across the USA. This year, they expanded their contest to include an international component—the Fish Migration Award! 


This award focuses on the importance of migratory fish and the free-flowing waters they rely on. The Fish Migration Award had a separate set of expectations to best suit the international focus of this award. 


The winners of the Fish Migration Award:

In the 5-12 years old category:

1st Place Kelly Zhong, Georgia, USA, Steelhead Trout

2nd Place Deepshikha De, Noida, India, Steelhead Trout

3rd Place Eli Sherman, South Carolina, USA, Chinook Salmon


In the 13-18 years old category:

1st Place Elizabeth Hwang, Washington, USA, Arctic Char

2nd Place Janet Lou Guan, Massachusetts, USA, Steelhead Trout

3rd Place Dahyun Kang, California, USA, Steelhead Trout

‚ÄčThe 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place artwork in each age category will be held onto to be displayed at the State-Fish Art EXPO in August. Check out all the top artwork by country!


Jeremy Wade announces the winners of the Fish Migration Award!




View all of the winning art