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How do we work

Participating organizations will organize their own event and outreach communication under the umbrella of the World Fish Migration Day (WFMD). The WFMD partnership will take care of the central coordination, international publicity, and maintain this website. We will send regular updates on the progress and international communication to participants as well as the WFMD logo to be used for communication purposes.  


Our terms.

When you participate in the World Fish Migration Day (WFMD) you agree with the following terms:

 1. The World Fish Migration Day is on Saturday 24th of October 2020

  • The WFMD 2020 is held on October 24, 2020. Organizers of local event, partners and supporters carry out their activities on this day.
  • In the case that an event organizer cannot host an event on this date they can send a special request to the WFMD team to adapt the date for their local event (only before 24 October 2020).

 2. The use of the WFMD logo and strapline

  • Organizers of local events, partners and supporters use the WFMD logo and strapline (Connecting fish, rivers and people) in their communication to others.  
  • The logo is used in all communication towards the general public, press and other organizations. The logo can not be adjusted in form or color.

3. Communication on local/regional/national level

  • Organizers of local event, partners and supporters are responsible for the communication of their WFMD-event on a local/regional/national level. The WFMD organization is not responsible for the communication of the events organized by local/regional partners.

 4. Communication on international level

  • The WFMD organization is responsible for the communication of the WFMD on an international level.
  • The WFMD organization strives for international attention for the WFMD. However, the WFMD organization is not responsible for limited amount of press attention for the event. Organizers of local event, partners and supporters can not claim limited attention for the WMFD event.

 5. Responsibilities

  • The WFMD is  responsible for the management and content of the WFMD website. The WFMD organization will do its best to avoid mistakes. Get in touch with us when you see mistakes in any form. We will correct them accordingly.
  • The WFMD organization is not responsible, accountable or legally liable for any form of mismanagement or funding of the activities carried out by the organizers a of local event.
  • The WFMD organization is not responsible for accidents, low press attention or low turn up of people at local events.

 6. Copyright and use of photo/video

  • Photos and videos send or uploaded by WFMD participants without the specific mentioning of copyright can be used freely by the WFMD organization for WFMD related purposes.
  • The WFMD organization cannot be held responsible for copyright infringement notices related to files send or uploaded by WFMD participants.
  • All content and images used on this site are owned or licensed by the World Fish Migration Foundation or its partners for use on WFMD only. Unauthorized use is prohibited.