Swimway Poster Launch

WFMD2016 are proud to launch the WFMD2016 Swimway Poster in South Africa.  At the UShaka Marine World in Durban, the University of KwaZulu Natal announced the international swimway poster to the press. 


Following the success of the WFMD2014 the World Fish Migration Day decided to make WFMD2016 bigger and better. With this in mind a new means of communicating the current fish migration status and need for change to the public is needed. In order to meet this need the concept “Swimways” was envisioned. 

The World Fish Migration Day wants to create awareness among the general public, policy makers, politicians, students and children for the importance of healthy rivers and free migration routes for fish. Doing so requires the right materials for the job. For this reason the concept of Swimways has been introduced. It is inspiring and easy to communicate.

Making this concept practical requires materials with which to communicate the Swimway message. A key piece of material is the Swimway poster. This poster can be used for both educational as well as promotional means. It’s catching design and interesting facts make it a desired item for a broad range of people, from politicians to children. A front image shows key migratory species and migration routes on a world map. The back provides interesting facts, information and links. 

Read more about Swimways for migratory fish and the swimways poster by clicking here.