European Commission Meeting in Brussels

European Commission Meeting – Brussel – June 7, 2016

On June 7th 2016, the World Fish Migration Foundation team met with partners from all over Europe at the European Commission (EC) in Brussels, Belgium. On this occasion, we presented to various members of the DG Environment LIFE Nature Unit the feedback and the fantastic success World Fish Migration Day (WFMD) achieved by connecting people and organizations around the world.

In Europe, ten LIFE projects* joined WFMD2016. Out of those, Sofia Perä from Sweden (REMIBAR LIFE+ project), Rosa Olivo from Spain (SEGURA RiverLink LIFE+ project) and Cesare Puzzi from Italy (CONFLUPO LIFE+ project) made the journey to Brussels to represent their respective projects. Important issues rose from the discussions, such as the need to incorporate drivers like safety and economic incentives into restoration projects. Another important criterion that was identified as being crucial within these projects, is the need to raise awareness among stakeholders. During the meeting, all projects highlighted that WFMD 2016 benefited their respective LIFE projects as a tool to raise public awareness and foster stronger connections between projects and people. Looking at the future of the LIFE projects, the EC is working towards a better dissemination and replication of the beneficiaries’ projects and results.

In light of this desire to share knowledge and best practices, WFMD will continue to serve as a platform in which LIFE projects and other European projects can use for reaching out and interacting with their target audiences in a positive and inspirational way. It is our hope that all related LIFE projects use WFMD to communicate and raise awareness on the importance of free fish migration routes and the need to restore free flowing rivers.


*LIFE is the European financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects across the EU.