Show Me Your River - Bike tour along the river Rhine

Cycling along the river Rhine, a 1233km tour called Eurovelo 15. Quite a trip and an amazing adventure for Alicia Pulsifer Heyburn. During the “Show Me Your River” cycle tour of the Rhine she is meeting local people to learn how they view, appreciate and interact with the river. And she wants to meet with professionals who work in the power plants, or are active with efforts to restore ecological functions and improve passage for migratory fish. 

As I cycle along Europe’s Rhine River this summer, I will meet people who care for their special parts of the river, and ask for the source of their interest and dedication.  

This trip will begin high in the Swiss Alps (the Rhine actually has several sources, but she'll start above Lake Toma where it trickles out at Oberalp Pass) and cross through four countries in a gentle descent to the North Sea. This entire 1233 km watercourse is paralleled by cycle route Eurovelo 15. Her focus is on the river but she will be also be encouraging the people and organisations she meets to participate in World Fish Migration Day on April 21, 2018.

Alicia will be touring along the Rhine until the 2nd of August and encourages people to contact her to "Show your river". 

To read all about the bike tour check out her blog where she posts updates on her travel: