International feel of World Fish Migration Day

In the last period several events have been registered on our website for the next World Fish Migration Day (21st of April 2018). Said events will take part in different countries, but also in different shapes and sizes, and in different environments and realities. In fact, the international feel is tangible. It's wonderful, just looking at the events uploaded on the website, how different countries manage to organize events in their own ways, with their own means and embracing their own cultures. 

For example, in Palmas, Brazil, the event "Dia Mundial de Migração de Peixes - Estado atual dos recursos pesqueiros do estado do Tocantins" has been uploaded. In this event the most published researchers related to fish and fisheries in the State will discuss topics about the management of the fish species that remain in the Tocantins Basin after the large impacts observed through its watercourses, especially by daming.

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Another example is going to take place in Khouribga, Morocco where Presentations of S4 Faunistic students of Moroccan migratory fishes (Alosa alosa, Alosa fallax, Anguilla anguilla, ...) will take place in front of an interested audience. 

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These are just two of the many examples, that are displayed on our website, where awareness upon the topic of fish migration, is going to be raised. 

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