Very interesting events keep coming!

Chirstmas is very close and events keep coming like presents!

Very interesting events have been added in the last days, and they will take place in different countries. Some examples are listed and introduced below; three of them in Europe and one in South Africa.

1) To understand the fish, you have to be the fish : video competition.​ During this event participants will have to create a short film (2-5 min) on fish migration from a freshwater fish’s perpective. This will give the opportunity to see the world from a fish point of view, in order to understand better how they live and what they need for their lives to go on. The candidates will have to make a video and send it to the organizers, where impartial jury will review and judge all submissions. Winners of each categories will be announced during the WFMD Reverse Duzi event held on 21st of April in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. AWESOME PRIZES TO WIN !

2) Daytrip Afsluitdijk and Harlingen​. The Afsluitdijk is an icon of Dutch water management, but it needs to be refurbished to become future proof: a perfect example of navigating change. The daytrip will provide an interesting combination of hard engineering for water safety, design with nature, multi-level governance, and the cultural-history of Friesland, against the backdrop of the UNESCO world heritage site of the Waddensea. All this can be possible thanks to the University of Groningen.

3) Fischwandertag an der Fischach.​ This event will take place in Bergheim, in Salzburg-Umgebung distric. River Fischach The River Fischach is an epipotamal river in Salzburg - Austria. Due to the Water Framework Directive the connectivity of the river Fischach was restored and the river was renatured. The organizers will present some of these activities at the Fish Migration Day.

4) Afsluitdijk open voor vis.​ This event will take place in Kornwerderzand, in the region of Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands. A versatile program for young and old is offerd. Participants will be told about fish migration, the Fish Migration River and other fish passages. A Fish Migration River can be built and as well as participating in a school activity.

Happy holidays!!