Events registered during Christmas

During Christmas various events have been added to our websites. These below are just few of them:


ATS Environmental joined us organizing an event where they will show the Nukuhou Stream restoration project in New Zealand! Soon they will post more information about their event.
2)      The National Museum of Nature History from La Paz (Bolivia) uploaded their second and third event! Our committed participants from Bolivia are planning several events, the second and third events are already running. They created an informative video about migratory fish, and they are playing it daily in the city public bus lines called Pumakatari, from November 15th until April 21st.
3)      For the third time, our participants from the Mónnatura Delta de l’ Ebre Center and Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera (Spain) will participate again organizing a children workshop in their facilities:
4)      The Environmental Agency is preparing a river visit along the River Tyne and ending in the Kielder Salmon Centre (Northumberland). Guests will be able to learn and enjoying different activities like trapping salmon smolts!!