We are past the 150 events

This Week our Social Media posts have revealed we have reached the 150 post

Date 28th of February 2018

Special attention to the 150th world Fish Migration Day event registered by Ursula Juta in Great Britain! On the 21st of April you could be amazed by the restoration work, live fish and speak to the involved experts by visiting this event called The Glorious Glaven. 

This photo has been provided by Ursula Juta, from the Norfolk Rivers Trust


At the moment, we even have 154 registerd events. The latest four registered events are of the following:


Belgium: Vissennetwerk thema : Stuwverwijdering & Dam Removal

Networkday about Dam Removal with an excursion to the dam removal in the Berwijn river.

Visit the event page of the Vissennetwerk thema : Stuwverwijdering & Dam Removal


Germany: Visit the largest European Hatchery 

The working processes and in general, the conception and design of the hatchery which produces young salmon for reintroduction-projects in the Rhine-area, will be explained. During the guided tour you can get information about how the hatchery works, the rearing and releasing of salmon into the wild and the specific characteristics of the “king of fishes”. In addition you get information about the situation and problems of the reintroduction programmes of Atlantic Salmon and other migratory fish in the Rhine-system. 

Visit the event page of Visit Lachszentrum Hasper Talsperre


France: Event called Découvrir la richesse du patrimoine naturel et halieutique du Couesnon et de la Loisance à ANTRAIN 

You are invited to discover the fishing and natural diversity of the Couesnon river and tributaries.  how the Couesnon river is linked to the historic and cultural Antrain heritage Children are welcome around a fishing party, to discover what is living there in! During this day you can learn about the restoration work that has been done along the river as well. 

If you like to discover what will be done you can visit the page of the Découvrir la richesse du patrimoine naturel et halieutique du Couesnon et de la Loisance à ANTRAIN


India: Rivers and Migration

 The program addressed various issues about how to recover healthy rivers and prevent further degradation of the species. Younger generations will be trained with catch and release angling to make them aware of the sensitive aquatic ecosystem. 

To learn more about this event called Rivers and Migration


If you want to visit an event near you, you can check out our event page