We are still growing in numbers

This week the number of events have increased up to 229 events. Our team receive events from all over the world on a daily base. If you like to meet the international team you can visit our ''about'' webpage. This week three new events will be descriped to you to inspire you for a visit or to create a own one. 

South Africa

We received nice photo's from the newly registered event namend ''Monitoring the health of a Cape Town urban river and celebrating its endemic freshwater fish '' in South Africa. During this event 180 students, from the Westerford High School, will learn about values and health of rivers. They will become part of a monitoring event and shall clean up the river. All to celebrate the Cape Town Fresh water species. 

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From Brazil we received a new event in coordination of teachers and students from the Federal University of Rondonia. Attention will be payed to the migration cycle of the Dourada species through environmental activities with the park visitors. The event is named ''The Madeira river big catfishes migration''

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This week we received a registration from a LIFE project + Netzwerk Donau. The fishway Greifenstein is part of this project, from here  participants will celebrate the World Fish Migration Day 2018. The event name is ''Fishway Opening Greifenstein''

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