The Happy Fish Challenge

The Happy Fish Challenge 

Create your most beautiful Happy Fish by drawing, painting or creating it in another way and join the Happy Fish Challenge!  (p.s. We are almost on 400 events! for World Fish Migration Day!)  

What is the Happy Fish Challenge

The Happy Fish Challenge is a contest for children to get engaged in the world of fish migration and to promote the usage of the Happy Fish symbol. The Happy Fish © is the ultimate symbol for people, organizations and projects that aim to recreate free migration for fish populations and it is our hope that it will be incorporated into many special events that educate the public about the importance of fish migration.


How can I join the contest?


  1. Make a Happy Fish (draw/paint/build/create) 
  2. Send your Happy Fish to before April 22
  3. The winners will be announced on April 25 and will receive prizes by Patagonia!


You can find more materials/templates and the contest instructions here