World Fish Migration Day 2018 Documentary Trailer

World Fish Migration Day is the biggest global campaign to raise awareness about migratory fish. This past year, this one-day worldwide celebration was hosted by over 3,000 organizations across the globe. There were 569 events spread across six continents and in 63 different countries! From local to global, this day helped to establish partnerships to help restore rivers and the migratory fish populations that rely on them.

Some of the amazing events featured campaigns, cleanups, conferences, seminars, the barrier tracker app launch, the From Sea to Source 2 book launch, festivals, dam removals, fishway visits, citizen science opportunities, and more! 

And now, the WFMD 2018 documentary is almost here! In this trailer, Joshua Royte from the Nature Conservancy gives a teaser of the short documentary on just how massive and impactful this day is on the communities and government agencies worldwide. He gives an account of the stories from the US leaders in river restoration including representatives from the US Forest Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. 

We hope this documentary can inspire others into action to help restore swimways across the globe and highlight the necessity to connect fish, rivers, and people!

Watch the trailer now on our Facebook page.

Look for the full documentary in November 2018!