Happy Fish in the Netherlands

On June 19th, Margriet den Brok and Aart-Jan Spoon from the municipality of Hellevoetsluis and Esther Blom, deputy director of ARK Natuurontwikkeling unveiled a 3 metre and 25 centimeter long natural stone sturgeon near the lighthouse of Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands. The statue is true to size of a sturgeon that was caught not far from there in 1926! The sculpture is an initiative of ARK Nature Development, World Wildlife Fund and Sportvisserij Nederland in collaboration with the municipality of Hellevoetsluis working on the return of the sturgeon to the Netherlands!

For this unveiling event the children from the local primary school joined in and made the Happy Fish symbol. After all, this delta area on the Haringvliet is a crucial swimway for migratory fish such as sturgeon, salmon and eel. The opening in the Haringvliet Dam gives these migratory fish a new chance by connecting the North Sea with the Rhine and Maas.

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