The Chinese paddlefish has gone extinct

A sad update about the Chinese paddlefish...a recent study found that this incredible migratory fish is now extinct likely due to overfishing and dams. This truly remarkable species was around for at least 200 million years. One of the most incredible aspects about this migratory moster was that it grew up to a length of 7 meters long--making it one of the largest freshwater fishes! 

We are saddened by this news and we hope it serves as a wake up call to better protect rivers and the fishes that reside in them. Let's not lose hope for the future, as our work to save migratory fishes and open up rivers can make a huge difference! As a global community, we can work together to increase awareness and inspire action. This is the main reasons why we created and now celebrate World Fish Migration Day - to increase the profile of these underappreciated fishes. We hope now more organizations, governements, and individuals will engage in the work to save them. 


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