Happy Fish in South America

World Fish Migration Day participants since the beginning, Welber Senteio Smith and Marta Stefani from Brasil, specially manufactured a Happy Fish statue for World Fish Migration Day 2020! Part of the staute is made by a machine and the rest is made by hand. We could not be happier that Welber, Marta and their organizing committee took the initiative to create it. Welber is from Laboratorio de Ecologia Estrutural e Funcional de Ecossistemas, Universidade Paulista and Marta is from the Ciências da Engenharia Ambiental, Universidade de São Carlos. 

For them Having happy fish in South America symbolizes a huge connection with all World Fish Migration Day events around the world! It represents the importance of the whole movement in relation to free rivers and migratory fish.

Right now, Happy fish is in Sorocaba, the city where the South American headquarter event will be held, at Universidade Paulista - UNIP. It will be part of all of their disclosure regarding WFMD 2020 from now on! It will also be present at the seminar so the entire public will have access to it and learn more about it.

Marta says, “We intend to expand our projects to other rivers, and the happy fish will certainly be part of this journey.”

Excellent! Follow our Happy Fish page for future migrations of the South American Happy Fish.