Summary of the University College Groningen Students’ Final Project for World Fish Migration Day 2020

A group of students at the University College of Groningen (UCG) have spent the past several months developing strategies to help promote and celebrate World Fish Migration Day 2020. The aim of their project was to give an informative insight into the intricacies of fish migration and the importance of free-flowing rivers, while appealing to people’s visual interest. They were split into three groups, each with their own final deliverable. The students recently published their final projects and we are beyond thrilled with the results! 


To raise awareness about the importance of free-flowing rivers and migratory fish, several of the students created a new “Flowing Rivers” website. There, they showcase both personal and professional anecdotes about rivers, fish and conservation. Check it out to view their gallery of photos of rivers from around the world, fun fish facts, and a quiz to test your fish and river knowledge!


The UCG students also developed two stop-motion videos to educate younger audiences on the importance of free-flowing rivers for the journey migratory fish make to complete their lifecycles. One follows Simon the salmon’s migration up a Dutch river and the other follows three happy fish on their way to mate! The students also engaged younger audiences with a drawing competition which is an excellent way to celebrate World Fish Migration Day and get children excited about fish. Feel free to share these on your social media channels - we will!


And if you’re hungry for more visuals, noteworthy facts about fish migration, artwork, and instagram post inspiration, check out their art project that focused on using art and visual mediums to communicate the messages of World Fish Migration Day! 


We are extremely grateful for the bright and talented group of students that dedicated the past few months to work on these projects,  even through the uncertain COVID-19 times! It is their hope and intention that these will inspire others to care for rivers and fish. So please share!


Students: Margot, Joshua, Tristan, Ece, Ida-Mari, Jonah, Peter, Marius, Clementine, Adrienne, and Alannah.