World Fish Migration Day Event: For a Free Tagus River- Interview with Paulo Constantino

The Portugese organization proTEJO will celebrate World Fish Migration Day on October 24th with the canoe descent "8th Vow against indifference". The event is meant to demonstrate against the construction of two new dam projects while educating the public about the importance of a free flowing Tejo river. The dam projects would divert water from the river for intensive agriculture which disrupts migratory fish flows, aquatic ecosystems, and hurts communities living along the river. ProTEJO wants to unite people in both Spain and Portugal in appreciation of the natural beauty of the river, and the fight to protect it. 

The World Fish Migration Day team interviewed the lead organizer, Paulo Constantino, about his event, its importance, and his words of encouragement for those considering hosting their own WFMD event this year. Click the button below to see the full interview! 

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