Yuru and Ara: A story at the Mamore River

In honor of World Fish Migration Day 2020, a new book has been written by author Eva Lucía Bayarri and artist-illustrator Juvi Galán. This book follows the story of two macaws helping a dorado catfish find a mate! The catfish is having trouble finding a mate on his own because the river he swam up is no longer free-flowing and other catfish cannot swim their way to the traditional mating grounds. Find out if Branchy, the dorado catfish, finds a mate and what can be done to help other catfish find mates in the future!

This story showcases the importance of free-flowing rivers as they are key swimways for migratory fish to complete their lifecycles and contribute to the next generation of fish. Free-flowing rivers are a scarce resource, but we can still protect the rivers that are free-flowing and restore the ones that are not.   

Thank you to the author, Eva Lucía Bayarri, and to illustrator Juvi Galán, for sharing this wonderful book as a part of World Fish Migration Day 2020. We would also like to thank the following persons for volunteering their time to translate the book!

Arabic: Hagar Dighiesh (The national institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF)) 

Chinese: Kong Xue (WWF China)

English: Eva Lucía Bayarri

French: Sandra Chevret (SandyCamps) and Fabrice Duponchelle (Inst. de Recherche pour le Développement)

German: Ruben van Treeck , Juliane Lukas and Timo Rittweg (IGB Berlin)

Greek: Foivos Alexandros Mouchlianitis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Maria Cheimonopoulou (Helenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food)

Italian: Francesca Saccà and Giovanna Tanzi 

Japanese: Miori Aoyama

Korean: Rebecca Kim and Sun Jeong Kim

Portuguese: João Ricardo Doria Carneiro and Carolina Rodrigues Da Costa Doria

Russian: Yulia Fomenko (WWF Russia, Amur Branch)

Spanish: Eva Lucía Bayarri, Paul van Damme, Claudio Baigun

Romanian: Ioana Persoiu, Sanda Iepure, Isabelle Maria Craciun-Bogdan

Slovenian: Eva Horvat


Download the book


You can check out the Yuru and Ara's landing page with all the interviews and the story of our cooperation

Spanish: https://baediciones.com/yuru-y-ara-una-historia-en-el-rio-mamore/

English: https://baediciones.com/en/yuru-y-ara-a-story-at-the-mamore-river/


Or check out the songs written about the book as well! 

English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX2_4o7_ycc

Spanish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3_IsfAOy7k&t=110s