Connect to a virtual World Fish Migration Day Event!

No plans yet for World Fish Migration Day? No worries, we have got you covered! Check out the overview below for virtual events happening on and around World Fish Migration Day. There are many amazing opportunities to learn about migratory fish from people all around the world. From virtual webinars with more scientific perspectives on migratory fish populations to environmental films screenings and virtual fish passage tours – there is something for everyone.

We hope you can connect with one of these events or connect with us as we check in on event organizers from around the world at our Love Flow Global Event. All listed times are local times.


October 21, 2020

Unlocking the Severn for Shad - Virtual Talk       

Great Britain           14:00   

Dia Mundial da Migração de Peixes - Webinar

Brazil                     16:00


October 22, 2020

Migrating fish and sustainable fishing in the Baltic Sea - Webinar

Finland                   11:00

Restoring Pacific Lamprey in Yakama Nation Ceded Lands - Webinar

USA                      10:00

Science Talk: Tryon Creek's fish! - Webinar

USA                      18:00


October 23, 2020

¿Qué conocemos de los peces migratorios en Arauca? - Radio show

Colombia              8:00

Connecting rivers - Virtual event

Brazil                  9:00

Los peces migratorios en México. Investigación y retos para su conservación - Webinar

Mexico               10:00

Restoring the delta fiheries: A wealthy heritagefor global impact - Webinar

Nigeria                10:00

What can we do for fish together? - Webinar

Poland                11:00

Dam removal to benefit wild, naturally reproducing trout in Central Vermont - Virtual event                    

USA                    12:00

Preparing the Klamath Basin for Dam Removal - A StoryMap in Honor of World Fish Migration Day         

USA                     12:00

Ictiofauna dulceacuícola de Costa Rica, biología y estado de conservación - Webinar                     

Costa Rica           13:00

Instead of Spinning Your Reels, Lets Spin Your Heels For World Fish Migration Day! - Virtual event

Canada                14:00

Hydropower: Insights about turbine impacts and evaluation of some mitigation measures - Aquaria

Estonia                14:00

Érase una vez un río con peces - Webinar                           

Peru                    20:00

Día Mundial de la Migración de los Peces – ITAIPU – Webinar

Paraguay             10:00


October 24, 2020

Fishy Fins & Dolphins - Webinar

India                      19:30

Día Mundial de las Migraciones de Peces en Colombia - Virtual meeting and webinar

Colombia                9:00

Restoring the River Shannon – Virtual event

Ireland                 19:00

World Fish Migration Day - Wyoming - Variety of social media outlets                                  

USA                     0:00

Restoring Migratory Fish in Lake Champlain - Virtual event

USA                     8:00

Love flows in Africa - online streaming event - Virtual event                      

Kenya                   10:00

Reconnecting Waterways - Structure assessment and low-cost remediation toolbox - Webinar                 

New Zealand                 9:00

Peces en plastilina - ¡Recicla tu pez! - Virtual event                        

Colombia            9:51


Poland                18:00

Habitat recovery for migratory fish: a visit to the LIFE Águeda Project LIFE+ - Fishway visit

Portugal              10:00

Os rios e os peixes migradores. Oportunidades e ameaças (LIFE INVASAGUA) – Webinar

Portugal              16:00

World Fish Migration Day in Edmonton!                                          

Canada               10:00

A Journey up the Severn - Virtual event                              

Great Britain      10:00

Launch event for the restoration project at the Mämmenkoski rapids - Project inauguration

Finland               10:00

Vispassage Doesburg - Fishway visit

Netherlands         10:00

Fish Printing Workshop - Virtual event                 

USA                   10:00

World Fish Migration Day 2020 in Myanmar! - Webinar

Myanmar            10:00

American Eel Mosquito Control Project Video and Discussion - Virtual event      

USA                   10:30

Restoring Migratory Sea Lamprey in the Connecticut River - Virtual event           

USA                    12:00

Tulevaisuuden Oulujoki - Webinar                                         

Finland                 12:00

Live World Premiere of the "Life Cycle of the Pacific Salmon" - Virtual event

USA                     12:00

Suivez Salmon, le saumon atlantique du Pas-de-Calais - Film

France                  21:40

Restoring Pacific Lamprey in the Yakama Nation Ceded Lands – Webinar

USA                    10:00


October 25, 2020

Webinar to celebrate the World Fish Migration Day! - Webinar (French)

Argelia                  10:00


October 26, 2020

River Kids' Learning Hub - Virtual event                                                   

Great Britain          10:00


October 28, 2020

Biodiversity and hydropower: a Green Deal for migratory fish? - Webinar            

Belgium                11:00

World Fish Migration Day on the Connecticut River - Virtual event     

USA 12:00


October 29, 2020

60 minutes of fishy tales from Trent Rivers Trust - Virtual event     

Great Britain         12:00

Conectando ríos - Evaluación de pasos para peces - Webinar

Spain                   16:00


October 30, 2020

Swimway Bangladesh - Webinar

Bangladesh            9:00

Migratory fish, fisheries and connectivity in the Amazon Basin - Webinar            

Peru                     14:00


November 25, 2020

Webinar Nederland weer vol met vis - Webinar            

Netherlands            9:00