Learn about our Newest Annual Donor, Biomark

We are pleased to announce our newest annual donor, Biomark! 

Biomark is the worldwide leader in unique radio frequency identification (RFID) for wildlife. They specialize in PIT Tag (Passive Integrated Transponder) technology, providing a broad variety of identification and monitoring solutions for fish, wildlife, and aquaculture research. Their extensive product line provides options for the most straightforward small scale mark/recapture projects to large, long-term monitoring solutions. Biomark manufactures and distributes PIT tags, readers and antennas, provides software solutions for consistent and reliable data collection, assures performance and reliability with installation and support, designs robust solutions for conservation and restoration efforts, and builds custom solutions for monitoring fish passage.

Annual donors like Biomark make events like World Fish Migration Day possible, and help us continue the fight to save migratory fish in rivers. We invite you to become an annual donor! Follow this link to learn more about partnering with us.