Celebrating citizen science during WFMD2016

Monitoring glass-eels with volunteers in the Nieuwe Waterweg & Harringvliet

During the next World Fish Migration Day, the "Together for the eels" project will celebrate fish migration at various sites in South Holland, Netherlands. This project is an initiave between NGO's, Water Authorities in Netherlands that stimulates community involvment in the monitoring of eel populations and commitment from local Water Authorities. It is a 3 year monitoring project, where volunteers monitor eel migrations at various barriers in the Harringvliet and Nieuwe Waterweg Rivers in South-Holland, Netherlands. Volunteers have just finished a successful monitoring run from March to June, which has lead to much needed information that water managers can use and has stimulated a great amount of press.  The organisers are looking forward to an even better season in 2016.

Visit:  http://www.worldfishmigrationfoundation.com/projects 

Monitoring eels in the Hudson Valley

This Eel Project in the US trains students and community members to monitor New York's wild eel populations. Volunteers record data on the eels before releasing them above nearby dams and other barriers. Chris Bowser, who heads the project, works for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Estuary Program and Research Reserve, in partnership with Cornell's Water Resource Institute.

During the World Fish Migration Day, Chris and his colleagues will be celebrating this project. 

For more information visit: