Latest Events

We have now 140 events uploaded from 36 countries. We have events being uploaded almost every day. Thank you to all of those of you who have joined!! If you are looking for inspiration and want to join, here are some of the latest events:

  • Eel Mop Training in the USA: See event 
  • Our first event in Chile, where Universidad de los Lagos will be celebrating fish migration in the Lake district of southern Chile: See event
  • Two events in Albania: Our participants from WFMD2014, An Ecological Association in Kosovo, will be organising a fishing competition with school children (see event) and the Agricultural University of Tirana in Kukës will be organizing an "Generalist vs. Specialist" public open meeting (see event)
  • "As Fish migrate so do birds": Downeast Coastal Conservancy will also be celebrating fish migration as part of a larger Alewife Project (see event)

Check out our map for event more exciting events across the world!!