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In recognition of World Fish Migration Day, the Freshwater Ecology and Conservation Lab @ the University of Washington, the Society for Conservation Biology Freshwater Working Group, and the World Fish Migration Foundation are hosting a 24-hour streaming video event which celebrates free flowing and connected rivers. We are requesting submissions of short video diaries from people around the world about what their river means to them and their community.



To capture the diversity of perspectives on the importance of connected waters around the world, we are compiling a global video diary for release on WFMD. Submissions around the common theme of “Connecting fish, rivers, and people” will be invited from communities, researchers, students, recreationalists - anyone with something to say about what connected and open rivers in their area means to them, their community, or the species that live there!



The video diary is intended to reflect the importance of open and connected rivers through the personal stories of people that work, live, and play in those areas. Through personal stories, we can capture and celebrate both the diversity and commonality of experiences that connect fish, rivers, and people. The target audience for both invited submissions and viewing is intended to be very broad (scientific stories are welcome but will need to be told from a personal perspective).



Video submissions will be welcomed until May 1, 2016.

Criteria for submissions

  • A brief video or narrated PowerPoint about a specific area or river.
  • The video should feature places and/or animals
  • English is encouraged but NOT required (use language of choice).
  • No data figures or data graphics.
  • Maximum 5 minutes in length.
  • Use copyright free music and images or to which you own the rights. 

Suggested content or themes for submissions

  • Why are free-flowing rivers important to you or your community?
  • How has your river changed in your lifetime?
  • What would your river say about its journey downstream?
  • How does the idea of free-flowing rivers inspire you?
  • You are a fish in the river - what do you see?
  • What do you envision for the future of your river?
  • What opportunities exist to keep your river free-flowing or to make it free-flowing again?

All video formats accepted


How to participate

Create a short video using any format - for a simple video, see  to create a narrated slideshow using Powerpoint. Then upload your video using the following link . A Dropbox account is not required, but please fill out your name and email so we can contact you as needed. You can email Lauren Kuehne ( if you have any difficulties with uploading.


Download the instructions and visual here