Showcasing WFMD2016 events

Although we have less than 4 weeks left for WFMD2016, some of our participants have already started their event series. We would really like to share with you the amazing pictures of a few events already celebrated.

The Balkan Rivers Tour celebrated on the 18th of April to bring awareness to the threats facing the Balkan rivers. The activities from this event formed part of the  framework of the "Save the Blue Heart of Europe" campaign. We hope you are inspired by these astonishing pictures.


The Herring Run Festival was held at the begining of April and hosted by TNC. Check out the feedback and cool video of the herring run! 


More and more organisations are uploading an event almost daily. Here is a list of some of the new events we are looking forward to:

  • There are a few events that will be held at museums, including: The National Nature History Museum of La Paz (Bolivia) are organizing several events, one of them is a fantastic 2 year exposition of Bolivian native migratory fish species. Also, the Museum of Natural History Gustavo Orces V.  in Quito (Ecuador) is preparing a series of discussions with researchers and professionals to create awareness about the migratory fish, in order to show the great Ecuadorian freshwater ecosystem and to motive young students in this field.
  • More school events have joined us from Bolivia, Greece, UK and USA
  • The night before WFMD2016, on Friday 20th, there will be dozens of events happening in the Netherlands and UK, amongst others, where citizens will be monitoring baby eels migrating upriver, which is part of Glass Eel citizen science projects.
  • There are several fishway inaugurations and constructions happening in Australia, Sweden, Italy, UK and many more!