Balkan Rivers Tour series: Celebrating WFMD with 11 events

It has been 18 days from the start of the Balkan River Tour series. This involves 11 events that are celebrating WFMD2016 across 6 countries. The aim of these events are to bring awareness to the threats facing the Balkan rivers. Kayakers will be paddling down various rivers and will end on the 21st of May where they will hand in a petition in Albania.

Celebrations have already begun in Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The activities from this event formed part of the  framework of the "Save the Blue Heart of Europe" campaign. Have a look at some of the feedback that we got from their earlier events. 


Today the Kayakers are paddling the rivers in Macedonia: 

We wish the organisers the best of luck with the rest of the Balkan River Tour series in Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania


Photo copyrights: Sana_ Jan_Pirnat_BRT; Sana protest_Jan_Pirnat