Fish can't travel like we can!

Today we launch WFMD2016 fish heads video on our YouTube page. Go check it out at

Social media is a buzz with WFMD news. Organisers of the events are sharing their posters and advertising their events. You can find more events on the world map. Here are are some highlights:

  • Lightshow in the middle of Basel City (Switzerland)
  • Re-opening of an improved fishway in Høyegga (Norway) and fishway opening in Kruger Park (South Africa)
  • University of Antioquia (Colombia) will celebrate in their university campus during two days various activities (photographic exhibition, exhibition of Museum specimens, animation video, Scientific posters exhibition, folklore music related with fish migration, lectures and children activities) to show the Colombian migratory fish species.
  • Historical meeting in Pärnu Estonia open to the public where Minister of Environment of Estonia, the Major of Pärnu and others from different organizations will discuss the "battle" against Sindi Dam which started 15 years ago and the great importance of having open rivers to preserve their native fish species.

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