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This Petition is now Closed. Thank you for your support!
Download our Open Letter to the Convention on Biological Diversity for the COP-15 Meeting

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Calling for Urgent Action to Save Migratory Freshwater Fish

We are asking for signatures from organizations that support the ambition to save migratory freshwater fish to protect biodiversity, food sources, and livelihoods. Join the 400+ organizations (Download the full list here) that have already signed, and help shed light on the need for urgent action to decision makers around the world!

The petition might be closed you can still read the letter in your language below !

Why sign?

Migratory fish are culturally, economically, and recreationally important. Hundreds of millions of people depend on these species for their livelihoods, food, and economic stability.  Migratory fish additionally provide crucial support to river and marine ecosystems. 

In July 2020, the World Fish Migration Foundation released the first Living Planet Index for Migratory Freshwater Fish. The report discovered a startling  76% global decline in migratory fish populations since 1970. 

Without healthy, free flowing rivers, migratory fish cannot complete their life cycles, causing their populations to decline. Barriers such as dams, weirs, and culverts are one of the largest factors impacting this decline. Dam removal is one of the fastest, most effective ways to restore rivers and migratory fish populations!

We are calling on organizations to join us in the global call to national and international decision makers to take definitive, urgent action to protect free flowing rivers and migratory fish for nature and people.

We hope to present the petition at the UN COP-15 meeting in China in May 2022, where the finalization and adoption of the post 2020 global biodiversity framework will be discussed.

Our Demands

  • Permanently protect all remaining free-flowing rivers
  • Remove obsolete river barriers: prioritizing high impacting barriers to restore river connectivity

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