Our Partners, Sponsors & Supporters


The World Fish Migration Day is centrally coordinated from the Netherlands by an experienced project team, under the leadership of the World Fish Migration Platform Steering committee. This committee consists of representatives from 7 Partner organisations. 

Thanks to these Partners and Sponsors, the WFMD is made possible!


The WFMD is also supported by many organisations around the world, who help us communicate and reach out to others. See below for those organisations who are contributing towards protecting fish migation and creating awareness. 


Become a Sponsor or Supporter!

Migratory fish need to be protected. Not only to prevent extinction of important fish species in the ecosystem, but also to ensure that future generations can benefit from healthy diverse river systems and fish as a food source. Help us achieve this! By supporting us we will be able to reach more people so that we can increase awareness, commitment and activate citizens and colleagues.  

If you are interested in getting involved, please feel free to contact us.

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