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The next World Fish Migration Day will be on May 16th of 2020.

Our team already started taking the first steps for World Fish Migration Day 2020 preparations because this time we really want to blow up the limits and reach more people all over the world. For that, we invite you! If you love fish, rivers, water, nature… contact us and participate!


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Working together for happy fish

The Happy Fish is the ultimate icon for people, organizations and projects that aim to recreate free migration for fish populations. This symbol unites initiatives by nature organizations and local government bodies from all over the globe that wish to enable free passage for migratory fish. Through publicity- and fundraising initiatives, the Happy Fish logo is a symbol signifying that migratory fish must move freely between their natural spawning-, growth- and habitat areas.  The  ‘big smile’ means that if successful, fish populations can thrive and increase.



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