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Penobscot River Rebound: Tribal Trust lands and the return of sea-run fishes

Penobscot River Rebound: Tribal Trust lands and the return of sea-run fishes

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The Penobscot Indian Nation, through creative partnerships, has been able to reconnect the Mattamiscontis Stream watershed, complete with all its lakes and wetlands, to the Penobscot River.  The Mattamiscontis Stream drainage, named by the Tribe for its abundance of alewives, has been managed as industrial forest lands for well over 100 years. Roads were built without thought to stream aquatic connectivity and lake outlet dams were created to harness water in order to floats logs to the sawmills downstream.

The Penobscot Indian Nation started to reacquire pieces of this ancestral watershed in the 1980’s.  Today, the Tribe owns over 90% of the Mattamiscontis stream watershed.  Since 2011, the Tribe has engaged in multiple partnerships to fix over 20 known barriers to aquatic organism passage. This work includes the new rock ramp fishway at the Outlet of South Branch Lake, a marvel of engineering, collaboration and Tribal dedication to returning the sea-run refugees of the Penobscot River to their ancestral home.

Working together, the Penobscot Nation and the Native American Fish and Wildlife society will create a short film to highlight this important work and the cultural and social connections that bind the Penobscot Nation to the Penobscot River and all its creatures.

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