Frequently Asked Questions about World Fish Migration Day

How is World Fish Migration Day adapting to COVID 19?

In light of the difficult situation facing us all at the moment, the World Fish Migration Day Team has decided to postpone the official celebration from May 16th 2020 to October 24th 2020. In consideration of the uncertainty of this situation, we encourage our community to either plan digital or physical events to celebrate together on October 24th. This is our chance to go with the flow and an opportunity to get creative!

We emphasize that safety is first and we advise you to follow the COVID-19 safety regulations of your national government.


Can I still celebrate on May 16th?

Yes! We understand that this last minute change may not work for everybody, as many people have been preparing events for months. Given this, we will be especially flexible with the timing of your activities and celebrations. We understand that you may need to host your event before October (whether due to weather conditions, budget deadlines, COVID-19 restrictions, etc.) This is why we encourage everyone to host their event at their convenience. Please adapt or upload your event on our website when possible!


What about the Fish Migration Award and the Eurofishion contest?

We encourage everyone to still participate in our contests! Please note, the deadline to submit your artwork for the Fish Migration Award has been extended to April 30th! Now, young artists have more time to work on their masterpieces and submit them. Winners will be announced late May!

This is also the perfect time to work on your Eurofishion entry! We have received a few entries so far and promises of more entries in the future. We hope that more will join and participate as it seems singing is what is bringing hope to the streets of the people in lockdowns! Now is the time to submit your entries and on May 16th, voting is open! Get your friends and family to vote on your video to win the popular vote! Winners announced on October 24th


What are some ideas to make my event digital?

We are intrigued to see how creative our community can get in these uncertain times but have come up with a few ideas to get the ball rolling! 

  • Host a remote screening of Love Flows! This can be done even through online apps like zoom, skype or google hangout screen share! Want to make it interesting? Invite members and experts from your organization to host a panel Q&A after the screening to answer any questions the audience may have!
  • Host a live video from your organization’s social media page. From virtual fish passage tours to fish releases to an educational series, many who are at home are interested in virtual escapes, let’s tap into that! It’s also a bonus that people can ask questions throughout the live video. Check out this example from our ambassador Will Millard on puffer fish!
  • Host a webinar conference or meeting in place of a physical one.
  • Feeling creative? Make an animation or short video about the importance of migratory fishes and free-flowing rivers and an activity that can go along with it. Use this for your own event, present it at an online class or make it available for schools in your area to use and share for World Fish Migration Day. 
  • Virtual tours are all the rage as we remain indoors! If you have a facility that houses fish, create a virtual underwater (or above water) tour with some awesome facts about the fishes in your aquarium. 
  • Do you have a fish cam in your river? Create an event out of it! Challenge others to identify, count, and spot fish throughout the day. Allow the audience to connect with each other by offering a way to comment on the page. 
  • Virtual reality or drone tour of your river basin, especially if it has been recently restored!
  • Get kids involved by asking them to prepare a short skit or presentation about their favorite migratory fish to share with their class, creativity is encouraged. 

These are just some ideas, as others post their events we will share the amazing ideas you all have come up with!


I don’t know my rescheduled date yet, how should I update my event on your website?

Please feel free to update your event once you know the details of your event. 


Do I have to create a whole new event or can I update my event with a new date/details?

Please feel free to update your event once you know the details of your event. 


Is it allowed to organize an event before World Fish Migration Day?  

Yes! We typically allow organizers to register their events even if their event is before World Fish Migration Day. We realize weather, scheduling, seasonal constraints and now, COVID 19 all play a role in when you can plan your event. This year, we will be especially flexible with the timing of your activities and celebrations. We understand that you may need to host your event before October. This is why we encourage everyone to host their event at their convenience and to please adapt or upload your event on our website when possible! 


What is the goal of World Fish Migration Day?  

The main goal of World Fish Migration Day is to improve the public's understanding of the importance of migratory fish and how we can reduce our impact on them. The next step is to enable citizens around the world to act to restore rivers to their natural state. Ultimately, we aim to create sustainable commitments from NGOs, governments and industry on safeguarding free-flowing rivers and restoring swimways or migratory fish.  

As a day where events around the world take place, centralized around this topic, we can make a better call to the government to restore and protect these rich resources.   

We hope that people of all ages can attend World Fish Migration Day events to learn about rivers and fishes. Only this way can we work towards better protecting them.  


What types of events can be held for World Fish Migration Day?  

When it comes to what types of events you can host for World Fish Migration Day, the list is endless! In the past, we have seen river cleanups, aquarium/museum exhibits and field trips, kayak trips, citizen science labs, movie screenings, and more. Your event can be as small or large as you want! Check out our events page for even more inspiration.  


What is the goal/what do we have to achieve through our event?   

The goal of your event should broadly encapsulate the greater purpose of World Fish Migration Day. Some questions you can ask yourself are: does my event educate, inspire, and give people the tools to connect with their local rivers and fish? And does my event feel connected to the broader global movement? If yes, then you have achieved the goals of World Fish Migration Day!  


How does the WFMF support participants? E.g. scientific materials, financial support   

Our recruitment team is available to answer any questions you may have! All our available FREE materials are on our downloads site that you may use for your event. We also try to highlight events through our social media channels and occasionally in our newsletters. Be sure to follow us on these channels, so you are getting the latest information! Unfortunately, we do not provide financial support for individual events. Still, we hope having free resources on our website, and extra social media exposure makes up for it!   


Where can I find materials?   

Please find all the available materials on our downloads page. Should you like to have something translated to your language, let us know! And we can try to give you a working file.   


Can I use the logo/how to use the logo?  

Yes, you can use the logo for World Fish Migration Day events but cannot modify it or place it on a background that makes it hard to see.  


If I upload an event, can I change it later?   

Yes! To upload an event, you must first register an event, and an event account will automatically be created and sent to your email. Then, you may log in into your event account to modify any information (event description, pictures, downloadable files, partners, location) anytime you want. If you have multiple events with the same email, they will all show up under the same email address and you can change details of an event from the one event account.  


What are the steps to organize an event?   

This is a bit more difficult to answer as every event is unique. When you start organizing your event, it is important to think about your easily available resources and how you can best use those to facilitate a successful event. For example, if you are an organization that already has kayaks, it would be great to organize a river tour with those!   

Organizing your event will also depend on the nature of your event, is it an exhibition, a fishway visit, a seminar lecture, children's activity? If you know what type of event you would like to organize, you can reach out to others who may have experience in understanding the steps to success.  

For some tips, tricks, and things to remember, please watch this video on our YouTube. The most important thing is to keep it simple and have fun!  


How do I purchase the promotional materials from you?   

You may find all our FREE promo materials on our website downloads page. Visit the downloads page and choose what materials would be excellent for your event. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to print these for you but hopefully having free downloads makes up for it.   


How can we communicate about our event?   

While there is no exact science on how to get people to attend an event, you may want to consider the following options: get in contact with your local newspaper announcing your event and providing details, create a FaceBook event and invite your followers, send out a save the date in your newsletter with updates about the events and follow-up reminders, create teasers or agenda posts on social media, create a link to register to your event so you know about how many to expect, and send out flyers to target attendee audiences. Is someone special attending, or will there be a unique performance? Let others know! There are many ways to spread the word about your event. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family, they will always show up.   


How do I contact the press?   

There are many ways to contact your local or national media outlets. Reach out to a journalist you know to have them write about or cover your event for the day! If you do not know a journalist, research some local and national newspapers, TV stations or radio stations that you could reach out to. Then, please send in a request using their contact form, providing them with the pitch of your story and event. You may also try to contact journalists directly (if their email is available or through social media) who have covered a similar topic previously. It is best to reach out to journalists 3 to 4 weeks in advance of your event, so you have time to follow up with them, or they have time to schedule the story.   

Remember to include in your pitch that your event is part of a broader worldwide celebration and the importance of it on a local scale. Good luck!  

Do you want to know about our local press coverage? 

Absolutely! We love to keep track of what is happening worldwide and to get a greater sense of the global impact. Please send these articles or links to the reports as attachments to our feedback survey after World Fish Migration Day. 


What hashtags do I use? Who should I tag on social media?   

We hope to keep track of what is happening around the world and share it with our community on and around World Fish Migration Day. For this to happen, it is helpful if you tag us in your event posts using @World Fish Migration Day (FaceBook), @WorldFishMigrationDay (Instagram) and @fishmigration (Twitter). This way, we can repost and share about your event! We would also appreciate it you used our hashtags #WorldFishMigrationDay #HappyFish #LoveFlows   

We cannot wait to see all the wonderful and inspiring content that will be coming our way! 


Have fun and remember to take pictures and videos!