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The international Happy Fish symbol was unveiled on World Fish Migration Day 2016 at the Headquarters in Washington DC as a means to connect organizations working on improving fish migration. The Happy Fish © is the ultimate symbol for people, organizations and projects aiming to restore migration routes for fish populations. It is our hope that it will be incorporated into many special events and locations that educate the public about the importance of fish migration.

Therefore, the Happy Fish symbol will travel to unique events and locations across the world. The Happy Fish symbol first started its travels in the United States of America. Now, we are excited to announce the arrival of a second Happy Fish statue that will migrate around South America to celebrate and highlight World Fish Migration Day 2020. Together, they have traveled to over 30 locations educating citizens about the importance of free fish migration. We anticipate that the Happy Fish will travel to even more countries around the world this year and through World Fish Migration Day 2020.

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 - The first Happy Fish statue, made in The Netherlands.

​ - The second Happy Fish statue, made by Welber Senteio Smith and Marta Stefani from Brazil.

Where will the Happy Fish go:

With the arrival of the second Happy Fish, we now have a statue in the Northeast of the United States and the other in Sorocaba, Brazil. We will keep you updated on where it is and any future travels! Would you like the Happy Fish to come to you? Contact us!

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Happy Fish hotspots

Happy Fish visited 30 great locations in North America from 2016-2020, from river clean-up to restoration works and dam removal projects. Now, one Happy Fish is in Massachusetts and the other is in Brazil! We are proud to show how the love for rivers and fish extends across the globe and all the great initiatives working towards the free migration of fish. Below, view all of the places they have migrated to!


North America

 - The first Happy Fish statue, made in The Netherlands.

  • January 16, 2020, Wildlands Trust barn (Plymouth, MA, USA)
  • January 6, 2020, S.O. Conte Anadromous Fish Laboratory (Turners Falls, MA, USA)
  • November 24, 2019-January 5, 2020, Plymouth Town Hall (Plymouth, MA, USA)
  • November 23, 2019, Thanksgiving Day Parade (Plymouth, MA, USA)
  • November 22, 2019, Jones River Dam Removal Event (Kingston, MA, USA)
  • November 3-20, 2019, the Greater Atlantic Regional Office of the National Marine Fisheries Service (Gloucester, MA, USA)
  • October 22, 2019, Day in the Life of the Hudson and Harbor (New York, United States)
  • September 28, 2019, The Submerge Festival at Hudson River Park (New York, United States)
  • September 14, 2019, Science on the River at Norrie Point Environmental Center (New York, United States)
  • August 22, 2019, Connecting our Streams Workshop (Staatsburg, New York, United States)
  • May 2019, Norrie Point Environmental Center (New York, United States)
  • April 24, 2019, hosted by the Atlantic Society of Fish & Wildlife Biologists during their Spring Seminar (Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada)
  • March 22 – April 23, 2019, hosted by the DFO Gulf Region Fisheries Centre (Moncton, New Brunswick)
  • March 19, 2019, Fisheries and Oceans Canada Gulf Region office (New Brunswick, Canada)
  • March 12-13, 2019,  hosted by the Atlantic Salmon Research Joint Venture at the Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Forum (Hotel Chateau Laurier Québec)
  • March 4-8, 2019: hosted by CIRSA/INRS (Laval University, Quebec City, Canada)
  • February 18, 2019, Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Forum (Quebec City, Canada)
  • December 8, 2018, Norrie Point Environmental Center (New York, United States)
  • November 29, 2018, Hudson River Estuary (New York, United States)
  • June 19-12, 2017, Fish Passage Conference, Corvallis (Oregon, United States)
  • May 2017, Fort Goff Creek and Iron Gate Dam at Klamath Basin, (California, United States)
  • April 2017, Truckee River, Reno (Nevada, United States)
  • March 2017, Green River project (Kentucky, United States)
  • November 2016, Fish Technology Center at Bozeman (Montana, United States)
  • November 2016, Culvert in the San Luis Valley of Colorado (Colorado, United States)
  • September 2016, USFWS Public Affairs Workshop in Denver (Colorado, United States)
  • July 11-18, 2016, River clean-up with the Town of Exeter (Exeter, NH, United States)
  • June 26 - July 10, Coastal Program at Great Bay (New Hampshire, United States)
  • June 20, 2016, Fish Passage Conference (Amherst, United States)
  • June 14, 2016, Opening of the Howland Fishway in the Penobscot River (Maine, United States)
  • May 25, 2016, WWF-US Headquarter (Washington DC, United States)
  • May 22, 2016, Patagonia shop, Head Quarter WFMD 2016 (Washington DC, United States)
  • May 21, 2016, WFMD Kick-off (Washington DC, United States)


South America

 - The second Happy Fish statue, made by Welber Senteio Smith and Marta Stefani from Brazil.


  • March 20, Sorocaba/SP, at Universidade Paulista - UNIP, Brazil

How to get the Happy Fish symbol to your site or project

If you are interested in having the Happy Fish symbol at one of your sites or projects, you can send a request to the World Fish Migration Foundation using the contact form listed below.

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